Monthly Archives: June 2021

Get a Free Ride!

Need a ride to get your COVID vaccination? We’ll take you at no charge. Just show the bus driver your official response with appointment day and time when you board. This goes for any Monroe County resident in our service area. Why? Because we’re community driven! (Remember your facemask!)

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Railroad Crossings Closed

Alert! The railroad crossings are closed on the north side of town at Stewart, Mall, LaSalle and Heiss Roads. The crossings will remain closed until Thursday, June-10th or Friday-June 11th. Due to these closings, LET will be revamping their #5 and #8 Fixed Routes. #5/ Telegraph will leave the Telegraph Transfer Station and travel to Meijer, Walmart, Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby, and then go back to Big Lot, the Dollar Tree and return to the Telegraph Transfer Station. #8/North Monroe will leave downtown down and take Monroe Street to the Monroe Mall, then back to 650 & 700 Stewart, then to Macomb Street and go to Frenchtown Place, Promedica Hospital and back downtown to the bus stop in front of City Hall. Riders will have to use the #2/Elm Street bus to get from the east side to the west side. To get from the Mall of Monroe and go to […]

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