Lake Erie Transit’s new Downtown Transfer Station at City Hall will open for riders Thursday, August 4, in the afternoon.

Built in partnership with the City of Monroe, the new Downtown Transfer Station provides climate-controlled comfort, indoor and covered outdoor seating, and wheelchair- and disability-accessible restrooms in its
900 sq. ft. interior. With a screen inside that indicates each bus arrival, riders can stay inside protected from the weather while they await their bus.

“This has truly been a community-driven effort,” said Mark Jagodzinski, L.E.T. general manager. “The Downtown Transfer Station shares a wall with City Hall, the center of community activity. It is an open design with a glass side looking out onto the City Hall courtyard. Heating and cooling are provided by the systems for City Hall, and the facility is built to ensure easy access for the entire community, especially seniors and disabled riders with mobility equipment.” This project was initiated with community interests in mind and driven largely with exceptional assistance from and cooperation with the city.

Seating being a key factor, benches are provided inside and out. “We chose stainless steel seating inside for easier sanitizing,” Jagodzinski said. “Outside, the seating is a combination of covered stainless steel and a long wooden bench for those who want to enjoy the weather while watching for their bus to arrive.” The station’s 1,700 sq. ft. exterior is slated for landscaping to be completed in the coming months.

Timely information is also important, Jagodzinski said, so two wall-mounted monitors display route schedules and arrival times inside to give riders the data they need. This fills the void for those who do not have the SPOT app installed on their smartphone.

The station was designed by Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. of Bloomfield Hills, and constructed by LaSalle Construction Services in Farmington Hills.

“One look at this station will tell you that Lake Erie Transit is proud to be in this community,” Jagodzinski said. “We are delighted to provide another positive service for our community, and we are greatly appreciative of the City of Monroe, Hubbel, Roth & Clark Inc., LaSalle Construction Services and everyone else who made this project possible.”

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