Woodlands and lakeshore views highlighted


You may see a doe or an eagle riding a Lake Erie Transit bus any day now. Another LET hybrid bus has been wrapped in vivid colors, with scenes depicting Monroe County’s stunning beauty, the service announced today.

After receiving tremendous response to its bus wraps, including “Community Pride” buses for Bedford, Frenchtown and Monroe, the county public transit service started thinking about a new one. Featuring the local Great Outdoors was the brainchild of Administrative Manager Jeffrey (J.T.) Hensley. Hensley took over for Denise Drodt when she retired last year.

“My girlfriend and I had been walking through the state park in Monroe,” Hensley said. “We were talking about how beautiful the area is: that’s where the idea came from.

“The wrap certainly makes it easy to spot your bus as it approaches. Those vibrant colors really pop! It’s a great tool to promote our communities. And it helps draw attention to our public transit service, which is crucial for so many residents.

The newly wrapped bus will hit the streets now, just in time for winter’s approach.


About Lake Erie Transit (LET)

Since 1980, Lake Erie Transit (LET) has served Monroe County, MI as a system for public transportation. LET operates a variety of services to meet the needs of 400,000 riders annually. In the city of Monroe, LET operates buses on eight fixed routes with 40-minute schedules. Frenchtown and Bedford townships feature door-to-door Dial-A-Ride services. For more information about fares or routes, please call 734-242-6766

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