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Bus ads get better mileage.

Dollar for dollar, it’s the most effective medium you can buy.

We build brand awareness

When your message is on a bus, you get repeated, long-term visibility and your graphics – the larger the better – can be (literally) as big as a city bus.

We go where your audience goes

Your message is seen by thousands of people in cars or walking; on main roads and neighborhood streets; in cities and suburbs; at and en route to shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, business districts, parks, theaters and medical centers. Are you out there?

We work

Transit ads extend the reach and frequency – and increase the effectiveness – of any other media you’re using, at some of the lowest cost per impressions and highest return on investment in advertising.

We''re good for the community

We’re a growing player in earth-friendly solutions (less congestion, reduced carbon footprint, alternative fuels, etc.). We’re also a valued community service. Get on the bus and benefit by association.

All impact, no dents.

It delivers more views for your money than any other type of advertising.


Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions – per vehicle.


The percentage of Americans reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. And mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard.


The percentage of in-car audiences that indicate they notice side-of-vehicle ads.


The percentage of respondents that say mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.

The icing on the cake:

A Federal Highway Administration study forecasts a sharp increase in time spent in personal vehicles and the number of trips per
household. So if your brand isn’t out there, you’re really going to miss the bus.

Bus advertising WORKS!

And it’s the most effective advertising value for your dollars. These advertisers got on the bus and got out there!

“It’s impossible to count how many people see our ads.” ~ADVERTISER: United Way of Monroe

These days, the need for United Way funding is greater than ever. And an important way to encourage giving to meet those needs is to keep community awareness high – and marketing costs low. The United Way of Monroe County needed a community-minded marketing partner.

So Connie Carroll, executive director, put the United Way on the bus.


“They’re very community-minded, very pleasant and easy to contact,” she said. Connie was one of the first clients to advertise on LET buses. In those early years, her grandson saw the organization’s logo on the buses so often, “he thought Grandma owned all the buses.” The United Way’s messages of hope are all over Monroe County on many of the LET vehicles.


The United Way builds awareness on the roads of Monroe County every single day. “Sitting behind the bus at a red light, waiting in a parking lot to pull out into traffic and the bus goes by … it’s impossible to count all the people who see our ads.”

“It’s the biggest opportunity to reach our market.” ~ADVERTISER: Paul’s Quality Collision, Monroe

As owners of Paul’s Quality Collision in Monroe, Paul and Tammi Van Aken know all too well what happens when people text while driving. They have very strong feelings about this issue and decided to do something about it.

They got on the bus.


Paul and Tammi hit the streets on an LET fixed- route bus. They covered the entire back of a bus with the message, “Paul says, ‘Pls dnt txt n drive.’” Tammi says, “No phone number. We didn’t want it to be about promoting the business. We just want people to get the message.”


“The reaction is so positive,” Tammi says. Customers often call when they see it. LET drivers tell Tammi about the riders’ responses to the ad.

“It’s a moving billboard and it goes all over,” she says. And after four whole years cruising through Bedford, Monroe and points in between, it still looks great.

Get it to go!

We’re perfect for today’s mobile society. Busy people are going places more than ever. Your message reaches them wherever they commute, work, shop, travel and play.

Your audience is already out there.

They don’t need anything more to see your message – no subscription, no remote, no channel or volume to adjust. All your message has to do is show up.


Everybody feels the love.

All ages. All interests. All income and skill levels. Locals and tourists. Drivers and riders and pedestrians … and anyone who can see out the storefront window.


It’s everywhere and more affordable.

Your message travels our routes up to seventeen times a day – at costs that are a lot more affordable than a TV spot with that frequency.

You call ‘em stoplights. We call ‘em spotlights.

They don’t need anything more to see your message – no subscription, no remote, no channel or volume to adjust. All your message has to do is show up.


Wait 30-40 minutes with a captive buying audience?

Get on the bus! That’s the average length of a passenger’s ride. That’s a long time to avoid eye contact; your interior ads give them a handy “distraction.” What other medium gives you 30-40 minutes with a captive audience several times daily?


Higher exposure, lower costs, wider audience, better options.

Get on the bus! For rates and options, call 734-639-5979 or email us at

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