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How to Ride

Riding with us is easy and worry free. Here’s all you need to know.

To school. To work. To the mall. To the senior center.

Everything we do is focused on your safety and comfort. From our friendly drivers (They really are!) and easy-to-use passes, to our Ride Guide and Buddy System program.

Catching the Bus

Catching the Bus

You can catch the bus anywhere along a fixed route. It’s a good idea to be at your stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Just wave to the driver: the bus driver will stop to pick you up after safely clearing the intersection.

Getting on the Right Bus

Getting on the Right Bus

Every route has a name and number. You’ll see them both on the front of the bus above the windshield. Always check there to be sure it’s the bus you want, or ask the driver before boarding.



If you need to transfer from one bus to another, your best bet is an All-Day Pass. For the cost of a round trip, you can transfer as often as you like. You can buy one when you board, right at the fare box. The Ride Guide shows you how.

Buddy System

Buddy System

It’s a great way for new riders to get familiar and more relaxed about using our bus system. Call us and we’ll set up a day, time, and a LET driver to show you the ropes and ride with you, to and from your destination! It’s so easy. Just call 734.242.6766.

Paying for Fares

Passes for the fare box can be bought/reloaded at both LET locations. Please, have your pass ready when you board the bus. (It helps keep the buses on schedule.)

Safety and Comfort

For the safety and comfort of all riders:

  • No smoking (It’s the law)
  • No eating or drinking
  • No pets or animals (except seeing-eye or hearing guide dogs)
  • Personal electronics/music players must be used with headphones or earbuds
  • Rules to Ride By
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