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Spot™ - Track your bus in real time

Let’s be honest, you never liked paper schedules. Sure, they could tell you when you should be at a stop, but if your bus was running late you wouldn’t know. That left you late for work, school, or second-guessing if your watch broken.

But no more.

Now, with Lake Erie Transit’s new SPOT™ vehicle tracking websites and mobile apps, you can get real-time updates, arrival predictions, and instant notifications of delays delivered right to your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Incredibly easy to use, these essential traveler information tools give you unparalleled control over your travels, up-to-the-minute updates, local points of interest, and the ability to let us know immediately what you think about your travel experience.

How it works.

Select Routes - Navigation

Tracking Website

  1. Enter into your web browser.
  2. Click “select routes” to expand menu.
  3. Toggle desired route(s) you wish to view.
  4. Click on vehicle icon to see status and ETAs.

Mobile app

  1. Launch the SPOT™ app
  2. Tap menu and select your agency.
  3. Choose your route(s).
  4. Click on vehicle icon to see status and ETAs.

Stay Informed - Notifications

Tracking website

  1. Urgent service alerts scroll at the top of the screen.
  2. Click “messages” to expand menu and view all current service announcements and alerts.

Mobile app

  1. From the map screen, select the “messages” tab to view alerts specific to that route.
  2. Current system messages will be displayed.

More Features - Feedback

Tracking website

  1. Comment on your experience.
  2. Click “leave feedback” to expand menu, rate your experience, and send us a message.

Rider Alerts

Mobile App

  1. Create custom alerts by stop.
  2. Tap on any stop along a selected route.
  3. Click “rider alerts” from the station detail screen.
  4. Specify a name, date(s), time, and recurrence.
  5. Click “create alert” and get automatic notifications on your smartphone about the selected stop.

Take control of your travel experience!

  • Real-time bus tracking
  • Multiple route selection
  • Up-to-the-second arrival predictions
  • Trip planning
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • Built-in help & tutorials
  • Online feedback tools 
  • Local points of interest
  • Current passenger load
  • Links to area businesses
  • … and more

Track your bus now at:

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